Sana-di-ge, New Delhi comes out with a scrumptious variety of Coastal Thalis

Thali culture has been ingrained in Indian dining traditions since primitive times. A thali comes with a variety of options, flavours, nutrients, along with portion control, all in one. A palatable Thali is any food lovers desire. Sana-di-ge synonym for authentic coastal cuisine is exclusively coming up with an authentic coastal thali experience for food aficionados. The restaurant is offering four different choices of thalis, from Crab Thali to Seafood Thali, also a Vegetarian Thali and Non-Vegetarian Thali.

The Seafood Thali includes a Welcome Drink  Sol Kadi, Kosambri Salad, and an eclectic assortment of starters like Fish Rava fry and Anjal Tawa Fry. The main course includes Marvai Sukka, Rasam, Malabar Fish Curry, Prawn Moilee, Coconut/Steamed Rice, and Curd/Raita with Coastal Breads. Finish the Thali with the traditional sweet dish Seviyan Payasam.
The Seafood Thali is priced at INR 1999 AI

The Crab Thali is a special one as it includes delicacies such as a delicious Warm Crab Salad and starters like Crab Milagu Fry and Crab Sukka. The main course includes Crab Butter Pepper Garlic, Rasam, Karavalli Crab Curry, Coconut/Steamed Rice, Curd/Raita along with Coastal Breads. Finish the Thali with the signature dish Seviyan Payasam.

The Crab Thali is priced at INR 2999 AI


The humble Vegetarian Thali includes Welcome Drink- Sol Kadi, Corn Kosambri Salad, starters including Paneer Ghee Roast, Babycorn Butter Pepper Garlic, Sambhar, Rasam, Ullitheeyal, Vegetable Poriyal, Coconut/Steamed Rice, Curd/Raita along with Coastal Bread. Finish the Thali with the traditional sweet dish Seviyan Payasam.
The Vegetarian Thali is priced at INR 999 AI

The Non-Vegetarian Thali includes an assortment of favourites like Chicken Thenginkayi Salad, Kori Sukka, Malwani Mutton Fry, Mangalorean Mutton Curry, and Kori Kundapuri along with Welcome Drink, Sides, and Sweet Dish.

The Non-Vegetarian Thali is priced at INR 1399 AI

THE FESTIVAL IS TILL 25TH JULY  , Timings: Lunch 12:20 pm – 3:00 pm

**Reservations are advisable, For reservations please contact: +9140507777, +8197590773, +9167885275

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