Rejuvenate your Skin and Hair with The Tribe Concepts

With sustainability high on the agenda of both businesses and consumers, the world is becoming more conscious and aware of leading a more sustainable lifestyle. This has also impacted the skin and hair care choices that people are making. Consumers are opting for home-grown, herbal, responsibly sourced and manufactured beauty products not only because they are sustainable but also effective.


One such sustainable, eco-friendly beauty brand is The Tribe Concepts which is a line-up of pure, bespoke, and ayurvedic results-driven skin and hair care formulated by vegan and natural ingredients handpicked from the Indian soil. Laid on the foundation of wisdom from past generations, Amritha Gaddam came up with this unique idea by blending her father’s studies of ayurvedic medicine and her mother’s herbal remedies. She firmly believes that our body and minds have their own way of healing things, and a little help from nature can speed things up considerably. She packages this wisdom in reusable tins and bottles to formulate her organic skin-care brand, The Tribe Concepts.

The Tribe Concepts is deeply rooted in organic Indian ingredients and tapping into their benefits using Ayurvedic teachings. Each product is made with the utmost attention to detail and to preserve its natural essence and value. Incorporating these holistic and meaningful products into your self-care regimen is a great way to give your skin what it deserves. Here are a few products from The Tribe Concepts that will keep your hair and skin happy!


90 Days Miracle Oil – Haircare is often an area of concern at this time of the year. The Tribe Concept’s 90-Day Miracle Oil is the key to this.

With the goodness of ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, fenugreek, organic soap berries and more, this product is designed to boost hair volume and texture, make it more substantial from the roots, prevent breakage, add an extra layer of protein to the hair and even remove mild dandruff. With an array of benefits without an abundance of chemicals, The Tribe Concepts is unlike any other.


Face Brightening kit – Here’s the Best Combo that helps you get an Even Toned, Blemish Free, Brighter & Glowing Skin. Using the “Face Brightening Kit” regularly, you will experience that fresh, young, and vivacious look you’ve always wanted. It helps to efficiently clear dark patches, dark circles, and blemishes and makes you look all glammed up.

With a lot of home-grown brands well-established in the market, the fact that makes The Tribe Concepts stand apart is that where natural products contain 90% added chemicals and 10% of the real natural ingredient, The Tribe Concepts is the authentic 100% natural brand where the elements grow wild – in the Rajahmundry Hills in the Godavari Valley – in soil that has never known pesticides, taking in water that comes straight from skies and flourishing in the air that is free of pollutants.

So treat yourself with pure and organic products and ensure a holistic skin and hair care regime.

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