Interview with Pathik Patel – Founder, Fit & Flex

Pathik Patel, a passionate marathon runner launched Fit & Flex in December 2019 with the sole objective of helping people get their daily fix of nourishment while relishing every bite they take! Fit & Flex is an FMCG brand based out of Ahmedabad manufacturing 100% baked, oat-based breakfast cereals & snacks. Their products are wholesome, baked and made from the finest quality ingredients to empower people to make mindful choices, despite their eventful and demanding lives.

To know more about the band, we interviewed Pathik Patel. He shares the concept and strategy of Fit & Flex with us.

Tell us the concept of Fit & Flex.

Fit & Flex, headquartered in Ahmedabad, specialises in the production of 100% baked, oat-based breakfast cereals and snacks within the FMCG sector. Our offerings are crafted using premium ingredients, ensuring wholesome and nutritious options for consumers leading busy lives. The brand’s mission is to facilitate mindful consumption choices, even amidst hectic schedules. By providing nourishing products, Fit & Flex aims to support individuals in meeting their daily dietary requirements without compromising on taste or quality. Founded with the primary goal of enhancing people’s access to nourishment, Fit & Flex encourages customers to savour every bite while prioritising their health and wellness.

It is a very cluttered market, how is Fit & Flex distinct from the rest of the others?

Fit & Flex has strategically expanded its presence in the modern trade sector through partnerships with leading players. With a focus on metro cities, the brand has built a robust distribution network. Maintaining stringent oversight from procurement to production, Fit & Flex ensures consistent product quality and taste. By achieving price competitiveness with established brands, they enhance consumer affordability. Active participation in promotional events year-round ensures strong brand visibility. Additionally, extensive product sampling across various consumer touchpoints facilitates greater consumer engagement and market penetration.

 What is the USP of Fit & flex?

Fit & Flex has a range of 100% Baked, oat-based breakfast cereals & snacking products spread over 35 SKUs. The breakfast category consists of Muesli that is made from 90% whole grains, nuts & seeds and available in 3 delicious flavours and is also a good source of protein & fibre; and the granola is available in 4 unique flavours & is fortified with Added Prebiotic Fibre which is great for gut health, it also has real freeze dried fruits & is 360 degrees baked. Plus it has the lowest sugar as compared to any other cereal brand in the market in this category. Their snacking products include Baked Multigrain mixtures in 3 flavours that make the perfect healthy munchies & Mini bites are an indulgent little treat that is so crunchy & comes in unique flavours like chocolate almond & cranberry yogurt. Their 360-degree slow bake technology gives a unique crunch & texture to all products & their production strengths and product innovation are accelerating their growth visa via the competitors in the market.

Your most selling products 

Granola is undoubtedly our bestselling product as we boast of a quality like no other brand has to offer. Fit & Flex granola is available in 4 unique flavours & is fortified with Added Prebiotic Fibre which is great for gut health, it also has real freeze-dried fruits & is 360-degree baked. Plus it has the lowest sugar as compared to any other cereal brand in the market in this category. We are the only brand in the Indian market to claim health in the granola segment.

How is the Indian market evolving in this sector?

The Indian market for healthy ready-to-eat snacks is undergoing a significant evolution, spurred by shifting consumer preferences towards healthier lifestyles. With a growing awareness of nutrition and wellness, there is a noticeable surge in demand for convenient yet nutritious snack options. This trend is further fueled by the changing dietary habits of urban populations and an increasing inclination towards on-the-go consumption. Moreover, innovative product offerings tailored to local tastes and preferences are emerging, catering to the diverse palates of Indian consumers. As a result, the healthy snacking sector in India is witnessing dynamic growth, presenting ample opportunities for both established players and new entrants to capitalise on this evolving market landscape.

What’s next?

In the upcoming year, the brand plans to introduce Ready to Eat, flavoured High Protein Oats, healthy trail mixes and millet-based high-protein snacks. We want to make Fit & Flex, India’s most loved snacking brand. For this, we are working on expanding our portfolio across ranges so that we can offer a one-stop shop to our customers and also our focus is on innovation both in terms of formats & flavours to break the current monotony available in the market. Apart from this building, a strong GT network is of primary focus this year to be able to reach a large number of homes and become a familiar brand.


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