Anardana where you can relish scrumptious plates

Anardana at Sangam Courtyard is a contemporary Indian restaurant and bar owned by Anardana Hospitality
Private Limited, a delicate balance between modern and classic Indian cuisine. It is working with indigenous
ingredients, heritage recipes and traditional techniques. Anardana is a unique dining experience accompanied
by an Indian craft cocktail bar. The décor is modern but uses heritage elements like clay pottery, cane and teak wood sourced from artisans in Indian villages. It is the first-of-its-kind Indian casual dining brand where age-old recipes are tweaked into modern Indian tapas and sharing plates that pair perfectly with Indian-inspired craft cocktails. Anardana’s food reflects a community-eating spirit. Anardana’s food reflects a community-eating spirit. Anardana despite its name implying an Indian restaurant, offers a diverse selection of cuisines, including Asian, Italian, and Continental dishes.

The menu is designed to accommodate a wide array of tastes and preferences. For families dining with children, they specially crafted options and for older patrons also. They provide dishes tailored to their specific preferences as well.
The design is elegant yet warm, sophisticated yet not intimidating, and one can experience a bright well to private dinners & parties with customised menus and experiences at hand. The team of chefs has taken considerable time to understand the history behind many dishes. There are so many must-try dishes here like Peri Peri Momos, Nizami Kathi Rolls, Raj Kachori and the Persian Juje Kebab. You will be spoilt for many choices over here. For the more adventurous, try the spectacular Champaran Mutton, or Ricotta Dahi Kebabs. Each and every dish has its own distinct and balanced flavours.

Anardana is place where you can spend quality time with your loved one, in a beautiful ambience along with delicious food.


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