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Fashion has seen an interesting pivot in the last year with collections catering to the new work-from-home order. The loungewear and sleepwear segment in India has seen a tremendous uptick in sales in the last few years, with changing consumer preferences.  Sleepwear and loungewear have emerged as popular fashion segments; cozy, comfortable attire is now the need of the hour, one that can be worn all day and into the night.


Meet Sexy Beast, an e-Commerce platform selling Leisurewear, Loungewear, and Underwear that inspires confidence and self-belief. Launched in December 2020, the garments offer premium quality, quirky designs and utmost comfort. With originality at the core of the collections, the garments are crafted with the latest technologies, materials and know-how at the brand’s own factories, supported by fifty years of industry experience.

Sexy Beast stands out with its unique, bold and colourful designs that have been very carefully put together to evoke and enhance a certain mood. The brand has over 30 designs in their product range today. The large prints and colours have been mindfully designed by the CEO & Co- Founder, Raj Rana, for an exuberant and confident experience. The large size and colours are chosen for a meaningful yet uncluttered feel.

In terms of weave and touch, the brand uses a Super Combed Premium Cotton that has an unrivalled smooth texture compared to the other brands. This makes the products baby-soft against the skin. The shape and size of the pockets for example, have also been carefully planned so a wallet or phone will not slip out. This small but big detail was very intentional.

Sexy Beast awakens the wearer’s inner confidence so they are able to achieve more. The products are versatile in their look and feel and are thoughtfully constructed so they can be worn in pretty much any situation.


One of their newly launched products is the quirky-designed Sliders that are perfect to be worn in the home and outdoors. Constant innovation and development ensures novel products and styles as well as expansion of product lines.


Raj Rana, CEO & Co- Founder, Sexy Beast says, “We’ve seen the market transition from an essential item to a fashion statement in the last decade. We understand that people everywhere are yearning to express their inner beast more and our products let them do so with ease and confidence. Our pricing and positioning puts us under the ‘affordable luxury’ umbrella and we are thrilled to see our demographics widen already; what started with the Gen Z and Millennials audience segmentation has now expanded to happy customers across Gen X too. We are in a unique position whereby our products cut across all audiences.”

Sexy Beast is eco-conscious as is evident in their sustainable and responsible packaging with zero usage of plastics and usage of recycled boxes. They have been experimenting with sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics for future lines of products as well.


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