Driving on the Most Scenic Highways of India

One of the secured and largely favoured modes of travel is one’s private vehicle. Everyone prefers to travel with their kith & kin to a destination in their vehicle. That is why road trips are most memorable and beyond compare. One can listen to her/his favourite music, feel the gentle wind, chat with the co-travellers […]


Travelling to Jim Corbett can take you as close to nature as you’d want to be. You can add lots of fun to make your trip memorable by choosing the proper accommodation. Here’s a list of a few most exclusive and simply pristine resorts in Jim Corbett. This is our list of the most fabulous […]

Travel smart with Nirvana Being

With Covid restrictions being relaxed and vaccinated travellers soaring back to life, we cannot forget to keep the ‘essentials’ away. Travel typically involves being in tight indoor spaces where you are forced to share the air with strangers. Such is the case in shared cars, airplanes, trains, buses, metro, etc. Most airlines implemented mask mandates […]