Mother’s Day gifting

Mother’s Day gifting is a wonderful opportunity to show appreciation for the special mothers and mother figures in our lives. The perfect gift often depends on the individual preferences and interests of the recipient, here are some  options.
TERRA wipes
TERRA wipes are the ideal Mother’s Day gift, offering unparalleled care and convenience for every mom. Crafted from 100% organic bamboo, they provide gentle cleansing for her baby’s delicate skin, free from harmful chemicals. With their ultra-soft texture and superior absorbency, TERRA wipes ensure a soothing and comfortable experience during diaper changes. Plus, their biodegradable and eco-friendly design reflects Mom’s commitment to sustainability and a healthier planet. Give the gift of TERRA wipes this Mother’s Day, and show her you care about her baby’s well-being and the environment.
This Mother‘s Day, celebrate the extraordinary in your mom with Cornitos’ Flavor Play involving the dynamic Nachos crisps, Nuts, and Crusties. Elevating the essence of this special day, Cornitos offers a unique gifting experience that matches your mom’s individuality with flavors tailored just for her.
In a world where moms juggle myriad roles effortlessly, Cornitos introduces Flavor Play, a unique gifting experience designed to celebrate the diverse facets of motherhood. Whether she’s a nurturing soul, an adventurous spirit, a sweetheart, or a trendsetter, there’s a Cornitos flavor perfectly suited to accentuate her unique traits and moods. By offering a range of flavors that resonate with her personality, Cornitos aims to elevate the essence of this special day and make it truly unforgettable. For the mom who sometimes needs a bit of a kick to brighten her day, there’s the zesty Peri Peri Nachos Crisps & Crusties King Curry, offering a fiery burst of flavor to lift her spirits. And for the mom who melts your heart with her cheesy jokes and warm hugs, there’s the indulgent Cheese n Herbs Nachos Crisps & Crusties Italian Cheese, a delightful treat that mirrors her cheesy charm. Indulge in the Sweet Chilli flavor to complement her bittersweet mood, or tantalize her taste buds with the Tikka Masala flavor to satisfy her chatpati cravings. This Mother‘s Day, let Cornitos be your partner in celebrating the incomparable woman who fills your life with love, laughter, and boundless joy. Explore the full range of flavors and discover the perfect match for your mom at

 “Noor Yadi” New Collection  by Banjara Kasuti for Mother’s Day

 Banjara Kasuti, a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering Lambani women, proudly unveils its latest collection, “Noor Yadi” just in time for Mother’s Day. Derived from the Lambani language called Gormati, where “Noor” means radiance and “Yadi” means mother or Maa, this collection celebrates the essence of maternal love and the rich cultural heritage of the Lambani community. The “Noor Yadi” collection features a range of handcrafted pieces, including waistcoats, jackets, kurtas, bags, and accessories. Each item exudes a blend of tradition and contemporary flair, reflecting the vibrant spirit of the Lambani culture. Commenting on the launch Asha Patil, Founder of Banjara Kasuti said, Introducing our new collection, inspired by a mother‘s love. Each piece celebrates motherhood’s strength and grace with beautiful Lambani needlework. Made from eco-friendly materials like cotton and khadi, they honour both cultural heritage and our planet. This Mother‘s Day, adorn yourself in these creations to honour the beauty and influence of the women who shape our lives.”


 Exquisite TATA Tea Gifts for Mom

Tea holds a special place in Mom’s heart, symbolizing moments of connection, rejuvenation, and indulgence. Explore our curated selection of tea gifts designed to enhance her daily ritual collections carefully curated to pamper Mom’s taste buds and make this Mother‘s Day truly special. Explore more tea collections and gifting options at  1868 by TATA Tea


Pamper your mother with Earthraga 

Earthraga is inspired by “Indian Ragas” and looks to capture the essence in its skincare products. Their skincare products are as pure as the notes of these Ragas. And like every Raga evokes an emotion, they wanted their products to evoke the sentiments of self-love, happiness and confidence in their customers. With Earthraga, let your skin sing a symphony. Earthraga, a D2C skincare brand, product endorsed by Soha Ali Khan. Few best seller of Earthraga are:
The Earthraga Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash is crafted with natural ingredients to provide your skin with hydration and rejuvenation every time you use it. Its gentle yet effective cleansing action ensures your face is thoroughly cleansed without any drying effects. Moreover, it works to diminish blemishes, dark spots, and combat signs of aging. Consistent use of this face wash offers relief to puffy skin, reduces under-eye dark circles, and helps in controlling excess oil production and acne.Some of the key features of products are: Effectively removes excess oil, dirt and grime preserving skin’s natural barrier, Cleanses face while maintaining optimal hydration levels, Alleviates skin inflammation, Helps achieve an even skin tone, Diminish dark spots and blemishes.
Earthraga Youth Glow Kumkumadi Day Cream SPF 30, a skincare product designed to provide you with a radiant complexion while safeguarding your skin from the harmful effects of the sun and environmental pollutants. Its sun protection formula ensures your skin receives an effective shield against UV rays, all while benefiting from the nourishing properties of Kumkumadi and other natural ingredients. Key features of the product are: Diminishes dark spots and pigmentation, Protective shield against UV rays and external pollutants, Combats signs of aging, Enhances skin elasticity, promoting a youthful appearance.

Borosil Gifts to Honor Mom


Borosil Trek Flask Water Bottles are not just ordinary water bottles; they are a statement of style and functionality. Crafted with sleek aesthetics and durable stainless steel, these bottles are designed to keep beverages at the perfect temperature, whether hot or cold. Personalization adds a special touch, making them a unique gift for your mom. For the gym enthusiast or outdoor adventurer, staying hydrated is crucial. With Borosil Trek Flask Water Bottles, your mom can hydrate in style during workouts or outdoor escapades, ensuring she feels refreshed and energized throughout the day. Price: Rs 895  , Link:

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