Food Bazaars of India at Seven Seas Hotel

Seven Seas Hotel is excited to present the latest culinary extravaganza, featuring an extensive array of flavorful dishes from across India—North, West, East, and South. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian delicacies, explore diverse flavors to satisfy your cravings for the delicious authentic food of our Incredible India, all under one roof at Seventh Sense Restaurant. Seven Seas remains dedicated to upholding its legacy by consistently delivering rich flavors, top-notch quality, and exceptional hospitality to its guests.

The festival is a celebration of the culinary heritage inspired by iconic bazaars of India. Experience the vibrant street food culture and rich history associated with each locale. From Park Street in Kolkata to Sarafa Bazaar in Indore, from the historical charm of Chandni Chowk in Delhi to the lively atmosphere of Johari Bazar in Jaipur, we are bringing the essence of these famed markets to your tables and aim to share the rich history and cultural significance of these renowned markets with our guests.

Chef Durgesh Yadav and Team at Seven Seas Hotel are curating the ultimate culinary experience, highlighting regional specialties from every corner of the country. Chef said “we have carefully curated over 100 traditional delicacies, ranging from street-style Kolkata Puchka to aromatic Puttu with Kadla Curry, and from Litti Chokha to Pav Bhaji with Dabeli, enhancing the experience with traditional thematic decor”.

This festival has everything! You name it, and Seven Seas Hotel has it all. Delhiites can experience other famous regional dishes like Kashmir ki Nadar ke Goolar, Bihar ka Champaran Laal Maas, Rajasthan ki Rasgulle ki Sabzi, Amritsari Fish Curry, Tamil Nadu se Poriyal, Parsi Style Masala Dal, Jaipuriya Lal Paneer, Hyderabadi Pathar ka Gosht, Signature Dal makhni of Seven Seas, and Chicken Xacutti—a Goan Hindu specialty made with 18 spices. To end the culinary journey on a sweet note, savor Matka Phirni, Kali Garam Jalebi, Mysore Pak, and Ada Payasam.

Sumeet Kumar, Manager at Seventh Sense, shared, “This festival also offers a wide range of beverages based on local demographics and staples, which are local favorites of Indians. Our team at Seven Seas has conducted deep research to bring authentic taste and serving styles by showcasing live beverage stations, maintaining regional concepts and looks such as Aam Panna, Jaljeera, Bihar ka Sattu, Indore ki Nariyal Shikanji, Kashmiri Kahwa, and Madrasi filter coffee at our live beverage stations, each offering the unique taste and serving style of its region”.

To make your experience more experiential at the Seventh Sense restaurant space is thoughtfully divided into themed counters, each representing a different state’s traditional décor. We believe India’s cultural diversity not only unites us but also brings a wide range of flavors on your plate to relish. Be a part of this extravaganza culinary adventure and explore the flavors of India from your plate at Seven Seas Hotel.

Festival is on-going till 15th June 2024, Timings- 7pm to 11pm, Buffet price – 2349++

Address- 12, M2K Rd, Mangalam Place, Sector 3, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi 110085

Contact number- 01143400007, 8800994054


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