Lotus Herbals unveils WhiteGlow Vitamin C Gold Serum

  As time progresses, our skin inevitably loses its youthful glow and firmness, resulting in a dull and uneven skin tone. To combat these effects and maintain a vibrant, healthy appearance, nourishing your skin with potent and effective skincare solutions is essential. Lotus Herbals introduces the WhiteGlow Vitamin C Gold Serum, an innovative product designed to […]

Fathers Day Special Offers

Make this father’s Day special by treating your Dad at one of the following places that offer amazing Brunches.   TU JANTA HAI MERA BAAP KAUN HAI- SPECIAL COCKTAIL AT CAFÉ DELHI HEIGHTS Favorite Café of the Delhi-NCR,  Café Delhi Heights always celebrate the special days in special ways. Café Delhi heights is going all […]

Places to celebrate this father’s day

On FATHER’s DAY, treat him to the sinfully goodies from Zing GourMET Shop at The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa Delectable goodies have a language of their own. They define love in their own way. Gifts of chocolate moulded into different shapes or savoury treats speak a lot about these relations. This ‘Father’s Day’, gift a […]

Food Bazaars of India at Seven Seas Hotel

Seven Seas Hotel is excited to present the latest culinary extravaganza, featuring an extensive array of flavorful dishes from across India—North, West, East, and South. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian delicacies, explore diverse flavors to satisfy your cravings for the delicious authentic food of our Incredible India, all under one roof at Seventh Sense Restaurant. Seven […]

Rejuvenate at R Spa Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport Hotel

In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of tranquility and relaxation has become essential for maintaining balance and well-being. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, spa retreats emerge as sanctuaries of serenity, offering a haven where individuals can escape, unwind and rejuvenate. From ancient healing traditions to modern therapeutic techniques, spas have evolved into […]

Anardana where you can relish scrumptious plates

Anardana at Sangam Courtyard is a contemporary Indian restaurant and bar owned by Anardana Hospitality Private Limited, a delicate balance between modern and classic Indian cuisine. It is working with indigenous ingredients, heritage recipes and traditional techniques. Anardana is a unique dining experience accompanied by an Indian craft cocktail bar. The décor is modern but […]

Interview with Pathik Patel – Founder, Fit & Flex

Pathik Patel, a passionate marathon runner launched Fit & Flex in December 2019 with the sole objective of helping people get their daily fix of nourishment while relishing every bite they take! Fit & Flex is an FMCG brand based out of Ahmedabad manufacturing 100% baked, oat-based breakfast cereals & snacks. Their products are wholesome, […]

Celebrating the Millets of the Year: A Nutritional Revolution

Contributed by Chef Vaibhav Bhargava In recent years, there has been a notable resurgence of interest in traditional grains, particularly millets, due to their exceptional nutritional value, climate resilience and potential to address food security challenges. As we delve into the significance of millets, it becomes evident that they are not just grains; they are a symbol […]

Nykaa Cosmetics Launches New Range of Concealers

Nykaa identified a gap in the market for on-trend, high-performing quality-driven beauty products specially curated for Indian consumers and thus launched its own consumer beauty brand. Starting with Nail Enamels as their introductory range, today Nykaa carries a large number of products across its owned consumer beauty brands portfolio. Nykaa Cosmetics, a comprehensive makeup and beauty accessories brand uses cutting-edge product formulations & high-quality standards. Nykaa Naturals is a naturally […]

Uttarakhand Cuisine – Authentic and distinctive

Contributed by Celebrity Chef Pawan Bisht Chef Pawan Bisht is an independent food Consultant, Entrepreneur and he loves promoting Uttarakhand and Uttarakhand cuisines. Uttarakhand: – Uttar means north and Khand means land; that’s how the name was formed, meaning Northern Land. The state border is connected with Tibet, Nepal, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. This area […]